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So i’m addicted to a show called ‘Ghost Adventures’ which is an American ghost hunting program which is just so fascinating to me for some reason. Basically, all that happens is; Zak Bagans (Above) travels to paranormal locations and gets locked down from dusk until dawn. He is joined by his fellow investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, who both make the show so worth while. Zak Bagans is the macho man of the group, he’s a muscly, confident man who wears tight tops and saves dogs – what more can you want? Nick is great, however he’s my least favorite but he does have some good qualities. Aaron is my second favorite, being the immense joker of the group. He seems to be the most down to earth member of the Ghost Adventures Crew being more active on twitter and instagram with his fans than Zak or Nick. Aaron also makes ‘Aaron’s Vlog’ which is how to see what the G.A.C get up to in their spare time and while filming.


For all those who are skeptical about ghosts and ghost adventures – Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. I really don’t know how much of the evidence these ghost hunter programs present are real and how much may have been tampered with a for the benefit of the program and ratings, but regardless of that, I still find them interesting. I do believe that Zak, Nick and Aaron, who act as paranormal investigators on these TV programs, are sincere and believe in what they’re doing. But I believe that of the some of the evidence they present could have been faked, because it is relatively easy to manipulate any photo or audio evidence with computer image and audio editing software. So before you believe in any of the evidence Ghost Adventures present, think of the ways it could have been tampered with or manipulated. They also rely on what they call EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. The problem I see with these is that most of them are unintelligible, and they seems to come up with whatever they think may have been said. I think some of this so called EVP is nothing more than static or natural disturbances of the electromagnetic field in the area where the EVP is being conducted, and that static may sound like words because the human brain does try to make sense out of the chaos of the white noise. I am open minded enough to believe that some of these EVP may be actual attempt by a ghost or spirit to communicate with the living. I hope no one misunderstands, I am not insinuating that Ghost Adventures is faked, but you do need to understand that they are made for television and must continue to excite the audience, if they wish to remain on tv.


Despite my lack in belief in SOME of the evidence Zak and the crew produce, i believe that a majority of the evidence is believable and it excites me to find out more about life after death. Honestly, when i’m watching the show it doesn’t bother me if their evidence is fake or not! The show is exciting, intriguing and interesting to me, and makes me want to lie in bed all day watching Zak Bagans in night-vision.


Overall, from this post we have learned:
•My obsession for Zak Bagans is way too big.
•I have mixed views about the paranormal.
•I like to spend whole days watching tv.
•I like butch men in tight tops.


Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x


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  1. Ghost adventures is wayyy too addicting lol …if your into that stuff you should watch a haunting in connecticut. One of my fave movies.

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