My View on African Grey Parrots.


Sitting here listening to my Parrot squawking, i thought i’d inform all those out there who are thinking of getting a parrot how much of a nuisance they are. They cause endless amounts of mess, noise and stress with them constantly throwing things out of their cage, constant squawking, shouting and whistling and their all round annoying presence. However, Their overall gentle nature and their ability to mimic speech have made them popular pets – if they do have this nature. If they have an annoyingly clingy nature, like mine, you will never hear the end of it unless you’re in the room speaking to him.


My parrot, Baby, is the noisiest, messiest and most irritating animal we have ever owned – despite his cuteness. When he is in a good mood and someone is in the room, he dances with me while i whistle ‘The Muppets Theme’, chatters away like a human and sits quietly to watch tv. However, as soon as no one is in the room he makes a complete racket until someone is in there again. We’ve tried leaving the tv on for him while no one is in their just to make it seem as though he’s not alone, but of course that didn’t work. Being situated in the lounge, he is where the most activity is, but even that isn’t enough for him.

Despite how annoying he is, he has to be the cleverest animal you could ever own. When i put my coat on in the morning ready to leave he says ‘See you later’ because he knows i’m about to leave. When he gets tired he says ‘Na Night’ to tell my parents he wants to go to sleep. When someone falls asleep in the room, he is completely silent until they wake up again. He whistles along to tunes like ‘The Great Escape’ and The McDonalds tune. When my cats stand at the door to go out, he says ‘Do you want to go out?’ to tell us the cats are wanting to go out. But despite how clever he is, it doesn’t stop me regretting my dads decision to buy him.

Overall, from this post you have learned:

  • My parrot is the most annoying thing in the world.
  • My parrot is also the most clever thing ever.
  • I would sell the stupid thing if i could.

So for anyone who is thinking about buying an African Grey, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure the parrot isn’t like mine before hand – unless you like being squawked at every five seconds. Observe the parrot a great deal before you purchase it because remember you’re going to be having to live with that annoying little creature.

Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x