This is the free me.

I know i know, i’m a bad person and i have failed the ‘One Post a Day’ challenge on my bucket list – oops, but i promise i’ll get up to date soon.


However i have my reasons! I have been a woman on a mission to finish my art work and get it signed off for today (20th June for if i publish this later) and with 36 sketchbook pages in one book, 48 in another, 25 a3’s mounted up and 45 pieces of work – i think it’s fair to say i accomplished my goal – and too my surprise all of my hard work paid off with a DISTINCTION STAR! YES! I’ve been so worried while doing my work with it having to be rushed with all of my exams coming at the same time, i was worried that it wouldn’t be good enough and that i wouldn’t get the distinction i needed to get into the full time art course i want to do in college and now: a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that i did my very best and that paid off. The rest of my grades are a mystery however, but at least i know i’ve put the effort in and that i’ve tried my very best – so hopefully that will pay off.

My plans for the 12 weeks i have until i go to sixth form?

Well, not a lot to tell you the truth so i’ll be bored and looking for anything at all to do!

  • I’m planning on building up a portfolio for my art which i’ll spend most of my time doing.
  • I’ll be trying to keep my whole house tidy for the entire 12 weeks – wish me luck!
  • I’ll hopefully be getting a new laptop, so i’ll be blogging more frequently.
  • I’ll be getting back to my normal musical routine – i’ve been neglecting my piano but it’s acceptable because of my exams.
  • I’ll be attempting to loose weight – i’ll be needing luck for this one too.
  • I’m hoping that i get a new desk for my room so that i can start to organize all of my art supplies.
  • I’ll hopefully be spending most Wednesdays with my amazing brother who has offered to keep my sanity on the days he’s off work – Thank you Jason!
  • Fingers crossed i’ll be meeting my best friend.
  • I’ll be lying on my bed counting the days because i’ll be that bored!

Any other updates?

No, life in my little bubble still remains boring, tragic and lifeless – and yes, my ‘friends’ still hate me as you keep asking. I’m extremely upset to be leaving still but i’m starting to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing that i can do about it so i may as well just carry on plodding through life as i am now! Updates, updates, updates… It was my cats birthday the other day, does that count as an update? Happy Birthday Buttons! Wow, this shows how boring my life really is so we’ll leave this here.

I apologize now for how boring this post has been so i applaud you if you got this far.

Overall from this post you have learned:

  • I’m EXTREMELY pleased and surprised that i got a Distinction Star in art.
  • I have 12 weeks to pass – BORING.
  • My cat is now 6.

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Until the next time my Pretties, a very happy Scarlett x

P.S: I’m not talking to anyone for the next couple of days while i get my house prepared for my 12 week lounge time – so MY PHONE IS OFF LIMITS.