10: 5 Steps to Multicolored hair


So the time has come for you all to be treated with a ‘How To’ post – i am going to write about how i got my hair purple, pink and blue as you keep asking me.

Step 1: First, make sure you’re completely sure about dying your hair, especially if it is your first time dying it an unnatural colour. Next, I know hair dressers out there will tell me off for this, but before i even attempted to bleach my hair, i washed, dyed and, god forbid, straightened my hair. I did this because my hair is naturally curly, and without straightening my hair it would have been impossible for the dye to take. So if you have naturally curly hair like me this would be your best bet – but if you have naturally straightish hair, then skip the straightening because it’ll only damage your hair even further.

Step 2: If your hair isn’t blonde prior to the dying, you will need to bleach your hair – but be careful! If you have very fine hair i wouldn’t recommend dying your hair because it’ll end up going brittle and just snapping off basically. To bleach my hair i used ‘Garnier – Belle Color Blonde Pre-Lightener’:

$T2eC16d,!zUE9s38+qI3BRZRkbmtMQ~~60_35Having extremely thick hair, i had to use two packs and that only just covered it – so i recommend getting 2 or more packs if your hair is the same sort of length as mine. Follow the instructions on the packet for that bit – but basically you just make sure every where is completely covered and CHECK THE ROOTS! You don’t want to be walking around with random brown streaks all in your hair now do you!

Step 3: After washing out the bleach THOROUGHLY, dry and straighten your hair again to make it easier for the dye to take. If you’re just going one colour, then just go right ahead and apply all of the dye – again, if your hair is as thick as mine you will need a lot of boxes. For my hair, i used 3 Purple as the base, and 1 pink and 1 blue for random places in my hair. Before i dyed my hair, i decided where i wanted the different colours – pink on a section of the left side of my head, blue on a section of the right side of my head, pink and blue mixed around the tips and purple everywhere else.


I started by putting the two bits i wanted pink and blue in a bobble on top of my head, and then went around the whole of my head with the purple leaving space at the bottom for the pink and the blue. After that i moved on to the pink, filling in the spaces i wanted pink and then similarly i did the same with the blue. Then we wait…

Step 4: So when you’ve waited, you obviously wash, dry and style – so that you get the full picture when deciding whether you like it or not. When i first did mine i hated it, but i’m starting to warm to it now. The Live dyes often wash out in around 6-8 washes, so make sure you’re stocked up on ‘Batiste Dry Shampoo’ to keep your hair fresh so that you don’t have to wash your hair everyday and risk having to dye your hair every week. The days i don’t wash my hair tie a plastic bag over my hair because i don’t own a shower cap – but a safety warning – don’t be a goon and put the bag over your face, JUST YOUR HAIR!

Step 5: Enjoy the bitchy comments from the people who clearly aren’t as daring as yourself to dye their hair – if anyone comments (Like someone did to me) just turn around, say ‘Excuse Me’ and then say these exact words:

‘Make sure you’re perfect before you start to judge someone else, and if you are going to judge someone then make sure you’re far enough away so that they don’t hear you like i just did. You calling my hair isn’t going to change the colour of it, so by all means carry on because it’s your breath that it is wasting.’

Being me, i have actually said this to someone and they soon shut up and walked away – trust me it works if said in the right manor.

So, for all those out there wanting multicolored hair, this is the way that i do it and the way that i would recommend – but if you want to do it another way, do it by all means! I wish you every success with your hair dying adventure and show them bitches who’s boss.

Overall you have learned from this post:

  • 1, Wash, Dry, Straighten.
  • 2,Bleach
  • 3,Dye
  • 4,Stock up on dry shampoo
  • 5, Don’t stand for any bad comments.

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Until the next time my pretties, Mermaid Scarlett x