11. Back off.

Hello to those people who have followed me through e-mail and who will have just got a notification of this post! Seriously, this is going to be a rant – just for those who like to spam my blog with stupid comments, seriously – what is the point? You need to move on with your life and find something better to do.

My blog is not for you for spam me through and it’s not meant to be used as a way of you trying to ruin something else for me – keep sending me the comments all you like because there is an instant block on them now so good luck trying to spam me some more. Your comments don’t upset me, annoy me or anger me – they just amuse me because i can see that you clearly have nothing better to do with your lives other than stalk my blog and waste your time writing pathetic comments that no one will see – not even me anymore.

Just to clarify – i have never said ‘I am the original’ or that i want to be, all i said is that i don’t like people copying my every move and the ‘Guide to getting multicolored hair’ is one thing – not every single thing. So i am not ‘pathetic’ or ‘hypocritical’ it’s just you making judgements about my life – but why make judgements about me when you’re not perfect yourself. There are many things i could judge you about – but i don’t try and contact you after we haven’t spoke in weeks just to voice my opinions – so why do you do it? Why can’t you just move on and find something better to do with your life.

Also, you say my blog is terrible – why read it then? Once again if you don’t like it, don’t read it – plain and simple. I don’t see how you find so much joy out of trying to ruin every single aspect of my life. I am happy being who i am, with the people i am friends with doing the things that i like to do – and my blog is one of them so i won’t let you take this from me so if you think your comments will make me delete my blog then you’re wrong.

So all in all, you’re silly to keep bothering me with you comments because they get reviewed before you send them and they wont even reach me anymore. You clearly have nothing better to do with your life other than ATTEMPT to ruin the last little thing that keeps me sane in this world. I think that you need to have a seriously look at yourself in the mirror before you carry on judging me because there is nothing that i would like more for you to realise how much of an idiot you’re being. Lastly, i am happy and how ever much you try and change that you wont – because i’ve learned to look past your stupidity and keep my head held high even on my lowest days.

Overall you have learned from this post:

  • Any e-mail followers have less chance of getting their comments seen by me.
  • Any comments that do get to me by any chance will be marked as spam immediately.
  • You need to grow up, move on and find something better to do with your time.

Feel free to like, send non-sarcy comments, share and/or follow – requests are welcomed and encouraged.

Until the next time my pretties, a Scarlett with a weight lifted x



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