I actually nearly gave someone a heart attack..

Just for ChloeSo, this is part two in my build up to Halloween – a few people have been asking me to do a skeleton tutorial (as well as my fabulous friend Chloe) so i thought that i’d do that next for you fabulous people. I’m actually doing this make up for my friend Chloe for my Halloween party, so i thought i’d get some practice in before the big day.

I’m sorry, but I won’t do a tutorial because this look was fairly simple and i as short for time tonight – therefore i will just link you to a video i thought was quite helpful while on the path to skeletonism: 

The story for the title? Well…: I answered the door to a man promoting ‘Sky’ and as soon as i opened the door, he jumped and shouted ‘My God!’ and then my mum took over after i had frightened the poor guy.

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Until the next time my little horrors, Scarlett x