Lush Product Review 1: The Comforter

the comforterSo anyone who knows me knows that I am a complete and utter Lush addict… and for those out there who don’t know me, you now also know i am a lush addict! This lush addiction started off with one lush product which is and always will be my absolute favourite Lush item and that product is: The Comforter…

Now, this is the one product from Lush I HAVE TO be stocked up on all the time, it has it’s own little container in the little Lush section of my bedroom and if i’m running low i’ll catch the bus into the city centre specifically to by The Comforter. The comforter is a bubble bar which you crumble under your tap to create heaps of luxurious bubbles (hence the name bubble bar). I personally prefer bubble bars to bath bombs because even though you don’t get the pleasure of watching it fizzing in the bath, you do get to bathe in a mound of silk ybubbles which you can make a bubble beard from… So clearly it’s a winner. With a bubble bar as well as bath bombs you get the infamous gorgeous Lush scent which is THE BEST thing about Lush – even when you’re in a place you don’t know you’ll know there is a Lush near by when you smell that amazing aroma drifting towards you. The comforter has a sweet berry/blackcurrant smell, sort of like Ribena or Vimto which smells lovely and it leaves you smelling like fabulous for a while, especially if you get a little bit of the bar and massage it into your skin – this leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling great – it is just so moisturising and creamy.Lush The Comforter

The bubbles and the fabulous smell aren’t the only effect of the comforter, the bath water turns pink! (I think all of us know how much I like pink…) This pink just completely transforms your bath time into a special, relaxing and, of course, comforting experience which is perfect after a long day at school or work.

The Comforter is £4.5o (USA: $10.95) and if you haven’t purchased anything from Lush before and you’re thinking that £4.50 is a bit much just for a pretty bath, no need to worry! You get 4 baths minimum out of the comforter! Even with the littlest of pieces you get bubbles which is fabulous. So for each bath it would cost up to £1.12 which is much better value for money than a bath bomb!

So overall i’d give the comforter a 5 star rating because it has an amazing smell, colour and is super moisturising and comforting. It’s amazing value for money and will always be my favourite Lush product!

Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x




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  1. Thanks to You Scarlett, i’m obsessed with LUSH. Some of The Bath Bombs don’t irriate my skin.. especially the ickle baby bot….. thanks xx love you xx

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