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Lush Product Review 2: American Cream

American-Cream-PackagingAmerican Cream is one of the most beautiful smelling, moisturising and all round fantastic conditioner i have ever had the pleasure to own. American Cream is a ‘milkshake-thick conditioner’ and has a strawberries and cream fragrance which smells absolutely gorgeous and last on your hair for hours. The conditioner is made with fresh strawberries to help cleanse the hair (which are apparently rich in vitamin C) The ingredients also include orange juice’ which adds gloss. According to the lush website “The orange juices acidity makes the hairs’ cuticles lie flat and allows it to reflect more light. To top it off, this contains soothing clary sage and calming lavender for your scalp.”

I had tried the ‘Jungle’ Solid Conditioner before hand and realised that wasn’t suited to my hair type, so i popped into my local lush and asked this lovely worker what she would recommend. Straight away she recommended this (along with a handful of hair treatments which i got samples of) she said that it was perfect for me because my hair isn’t in the best condition (obviously because of the constant bleach and hair dye my hair is a little dry). I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, but since the very first wash i could tell a difference! Along with my ‘Karma Komba’ Shampoo Bar, American Cream left my hair silky smooth, feeling light and smelling amazing – the smell is heavenly! Soft, subtle, and very milkshake like. According to the bottle ‘People love American Cream as it is a thick heavy conditioner – but it wont leave the hair weighted down or heavy’ and this, i absolutely agree with.

American Cream isn’t only good for hair, i use a tiny bit on my hands to make them soft and lovely smelling.. and when i say lovely smelling… words can’t describe how much i love the smell. I can remember at one point i shoved my hand in my boyfriends face and forced him to smell me so he could experience the loveliness. (The bottle does claim that it will bring all the boys to the yard…) There is only minor problem i have with this product and that doesn’t stop me going back for more: Drying my hair can be a bit harder than usual, however i usually let my hair dry naturally so it doesn’t make much of a difference for me. But rest assured, as soon as your hair is dry it is perfecto. Overall, i would give this product a 4.5/5 rating because it’s absolutely amazing but the tangling in the hair can be a bit of a pain.

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Lush Product Review 1: The Comforter

the comforterSo anyone who knows me knows that I am a complete and utter Lush addict… and for those out there who don’t know me, you now also know i am a lush addict! This lush addiction started off with one lush product which is and always will be my absolute favourite Lush item and that product is: The Comforter…

Now, this is the one product from Lush I HAVE TO be stocked up on all the time, it has it’s own little container in the little Lush section of my bedroom and if i’m running low i’ll catch the bus into the city centre specifically to by The Comforter. The comforter is a bubble bar which you crumble under your tap to create heaps of luxurious bubbles (hence the name bubble bar). I personally prefer bubble bars to bath bombs because even though you don’t get the pleasure of watching it fizzing in the bath, you do get to bathe in a mound of silk ybubbles which you can make a bubble beard from… So clearly it’s a winner. With a bubble bar as well as bath bombs you get the infamous gorgeous Lush scent which is THE BEST thing about Lush – even when you’re in a place you don’t know you’ll know there is a Lush near by when you smell that amazing aroma drifting towards you. The comforter has a sweet berry/blackcurrant smell, sort of like Ribena or Vimto which smells lovely and it leaves you smelling like fabulous for a while, especially if you get a little bit of the bar and massage it into your skin – this leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling great – it is just so moisturising and creamy.Lush The Comforter

The bubbles and the fabulous smell aren’t the only effect of the comforter, the bath water turns pink! (I think all of us know how much I like pink…) This pink just completely transforms your bath time into a special, relaxing and, of course, comforting experience which is perfect after a long day at school or work.

The Comforter is £4.5o (USA: $10.95) and if you haven’t purchased anything from Lush before and you’re thinking that £4.50 is a bit much just for a pretty bath, no need to worry! You get 4 baths minimum out of the comforter! Even with the littlest of pieces you get bubbles which is fabulous. So for each bath it would cost up to £1.12 which is much better value for money than a bath bomb!

So overall i’d give the comforter a 5 star rating because it has an amazing smell, colour and is super moisturising and comforting. It’s amazing value for money and will always be my favourite Lush product!

Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x



Untitled #52

Untitled #52

Black turtleneck
$8.33 – karmaclothing.co.uk

Balmain quilted jacket
$2,755 – harrods.com

Circle skirt

Summer sandals
$50 – lamodauk.com

The row sunglasses
$445 – montaignemarket.com

Derby hat
$20 – fashionunion.com

Peace sign

Home decor

The Weirdo

The Weirdo

Ilkeston Fair

Ilkeston Fair is one of the only things i like about living in England and i can safely say that i was majorly disappointed this year! Not only was one of my favourite rides not there, the rides that i did go on seemed to throw you about a lot more than usual. However, i did have a great time with my friends and i managed to get a little bit of it on camera before it decided to go flat on me. So i put together a little video for all of you. I think the hype of the fair got to us a bit, because we were all acting like complete goons.

I hope you enjoyed that little clip-it of the fair!

The next post will be my long awaited Holiday Review post – which comes with another vlog!

Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x

I actually nearly gave someone a heart attack..

Just for ChloeSo, this is part two in my build up to Halloween – a few people have been asking me to do a skeleton tutorial (as well as my fabulous friend Chloe) so i thought that i’d do that next for you fabulous people. I’m actually doing this make up for my friend Chloe for my Halloween party, so i thought i’d get some practice in before the big day.

I’m sorry, but I won’t do a tutorial because this look was fairly simple and i as short for time tonight – therefore i will just link you to a video i thought was quite helpful while on the path to skeletonism: 

The story for the title? Well…: I answered the door to a man promoting ‘Sky’ and as soon as i opened the door, he jumped and shouted ‘My God!’ and then my mum took over after i had frightened the poor guy.

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Until the next time my little horrors, Scarlett x