Bucket List

I thought i’d make a list of all the things i want to do in my life and i’ll cross them off as i achieve the things on it and add things too it as i get new ideas. I have many goals in life, and i know that they’ll most likely change through out my life – but i’ll try my best. I’ll start off with just 50 things, so that i can see how many new things i add as i go.

The Bucket List:

  1. Live in America – Idaho
  2. Meet Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff
  3. Go to Las Vegas
  4. Go to Tokyo
  5. Go on a ghost hunt
  6. Go to Comic-Con
  7. Go to Harry Potter land
  8. Lose Weight
  9. Get above C in all of my exams
  10. Blog every day for a year – Starts 11th June 2013 – FAILED
  11. Read a book a week for a whole year – Starts 11th June 2013 – FAILED
  12. Travel around the world
  13. Go Sky diving
  14. Learn to drive
  15. Learn to play an instrument
  16. Learn to trust people
  17. Go to University in America
  18. Over come my fear of submarines and sailors.
  19. Go on a helicopter ride
  20. Run a Marathon
  21. Stop biting my nails
  22. Keep my room tidy for a whole year – Starts 11th June 2013 – FAILED
  23. Meet my best friend – FAILED
  24. Overcome my hatred for teachers at my school before i leave.
  25. Fall in love
  26. Get a tattoo
  27. Learn to surf
  28. Become rich
  29. Go to Paris
  30. Go to Vid-Con
  31. Go to every state in America
  32. Keep my phone for at least a month without throwing it at a wall. – Stars 11th June 2013
  33. Sell my artwork
  34. Get a dog
  35. Go to Canada
  36. Get a new laptop
  37. Get a Green Card
  38. Get some self confidence
  39. Own a vintage cafe
  40. Write a book
  41. Go to Ireland
  42. Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon
  43. Go to a show in Vegas
  44. Feed an Elephant
  45. Go to Jamaica
  46. Go Skiing
  47. Be on TV
  48. Grow my hair until its down to my bum
  49. Learn to play the guitar
  50. Be Happy

4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I may steal adding my bucketlist to my blog. Thanks for the idea. Hope you don’t mind me borrowing it 😉

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