July Favorites

My July Favorites from Fifty Shades of Fabulous!

Fifty Shades of Fabulous

Us girls from Fifty Shades of Fabulous thought that every month we would treat you with a ‘Monthly Favorites’ post to keep you updated as to what is happening in the world of Scavalar and Laulaur. So this is the outcome:

This month is clearly July, and with highs of 32 degrees it’s been a lovely opportunity to go out, have fun and get a tan – which means summer clothes and ice lollies.

Scarlett’s July Favorites:

Scarlett's Favorites

Apps: Candy Crush Saga, Snap Chat, Instagram.

Websites: Tumblr, Ebay, Fifty Shades of Geek, Spotify + WordPress.

Music: The Sixth Letter, Leah McFall, The Secret Sisters, Franz Ferdinand.

TV: Ghost Adventures, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who.

Clothes: Hawaiian Shirts, Sazzy dresses, floral shorts, Ray Bans.

Other: Minecraft, Hair Dye, Ice lollies, School, Zak Bagans, Cocktails, Alien Books.

Most Wanted Item: Jeffery Campbell black cutout ankle boots.


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Do Aliens Exist? Part 1


“For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions” – Lao Tzu

The word alien comes from a Latin word ‘alienus’ that means belonging to another place or person where as in English spoken in the 1300s, alien took on the meaning of foreigner. The word ‘alien’ has acquired many different meanings. The one meaning that many of us are familiar with is that an alien is an extraterrestrial, someone from ‘outer-space’. So what we all think when the word ‘alien’ springs up in a conversation is: ‘Do aliens Exist?’

With hoaxers everywhere like George Adamski, Richard Miller and the most convincing Eduard ‘Billy’ Meier it’s hard to believe an alien abduction story when you hear one even when supported with endless evidence like Meier. Meier claimed that throughout the 70’s and 80’s he was in regular contact with the ‘Pleiadians’, as his alien contacts were called. He claimed that they not only passed on all their secrets and whisked him around the universe, they took him back in time to meet Jesus and into a mystical realm where he photographed the ‘Eye of God’. Despite his outlandish claims, Meier could back what he said with the most comprehensive body of evidence any contactee has ever came up with – thousands of photographs of his many meetings and films of UFO’s, he logged his conversations, had reams of notes, rock samples and eye-witnesses. The huge body of evidence made his story a landmark case in UFO history. When i look at Meier’s story to me it screams ‘absolute bull’. If aliens did exist they wouldn’t spend their time ‘Whisking’ him around through time to meet Jesus and it’s been said that his ‘Rock Samples’ were made up of perfectly ordinary terrestrial material.

Its hard to know for sure, but I really believe that there is some form of life elsewhere in the universe. Think about it – What are the chances of earth being the only planet in the never-ending universe that sustains life? With numerous stars, alien life is probable: Although there is no direct proof the aliens exist, it is notable that the universe is home to a lot of stars and past research has shown that at least 50% of these stars harbor planets. Scientists have estimated that there are about a trillion planets in the Milky Way alone. It is very much possible that at least some out of these planets have undergone changes like the Earth and developed life.


“Its highly illogical that we are the only thing in this massive universe – other life is logical. Earth is a habitable planet with living things on it, a habitable planet is a planet with water, average temperature and something around the same as our gravity, this is called the Goldilocks zone and as there are a unseeable amount of planets then it is very unlikely that we are the only one in the Goldilocks zone that has been filled with life.”  – Isaac Smith


“So space is beyond control of just us there must be something out there in the expanse. A lot of people believe aliens are more advanced than us but they base their perceptions on fear. Its equally possible for the aliens to be less advanced” – Aiknaath Jain


“I don’t know what’s scarier knowing there could be an advanced civilization out there watching us or we are alone in the vast cosmos”

In Part 2 of my ‘Do Aliens Exist’ Post i will be talking about scientific reasons as to why there might or might not be life somewhere other than Earth and my person views on whether aliens exist.

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Until the next time my Pretties, Scarlett x

12. How was prom?

P1090529For me, prom is one of those social events that i really didn’t want to go to – being larger and not very pretty is especially awkward with all of the drama about looking your best. However, after looking past the fact that i didn’t look amazing i actually started to have a lot of fun dancing like a lunatic to oldies music with all of my mates who made the night perfect. I also got escorted by the lovely Aiknaath Jain who asked me to be his ‘Official Prom Date’ last minute – Red and Black fo’ lyf.



To get to prom me and a few friends who i’d invited to come along got driven by my dad in our Rolls Royce which was a nice extra touch because we weren’t being driven around b some randomer! However, when we got to prom the embarrassment of getting out of the car struck – in a long dress and Doc Martens it’s pretty hard to get out of a Rolls! So after staggering my way out of the car we had to stand and wait for others and then we got rushed quickly inside where we lined up to have our photos taken – more awkwardness. After the photos, we had to sit down at our assigned tables which surprisingly were well planned out where we ate a revolting meal: chicken with mushroom sauce followed by chocolate cake which i don’t like so my science teacher stole it.

P1090557 - Copy P1090547

The meal time however was absolutely hilarious with the two greatest teachers we could possibly have sitting at our table – selfies and helium were both taken, Mr Morrow you’re actually a fabulously funny man.

P1090576After the meal came the boring time where we all just stood outside doing absolutely nothing other than taking photos for the next hour – then i decided enough was enough and just dragged everyone to the dance floor and started to have some real fun dancing like an embarrassing dad to ‘Come on Eileen’ and ‘Grease Lightening’.

After dancing the night away like a goon, the night quickly came to an end unfortunately at the time i was having immense fun, a typical problem with these sort of things. But being tired when i got home, i’d thought i’d had a really crappy time and it wasn’t until the next morning and i looked back at my photos i realised i’d actually had a really nice time thanks to Laura Hindle who was with me all night – love you Laura! The opportunity of prom was one that i  really enjoyed but i’m so glad it’s over and done with. I can now finally turn my back on school and move on with my life.

Overall you have learned from this post:

  • I had a great time at prom, but some times were immensely boring.
  • I’m glad to have gone to prom but i wouldn’t go again.
  • I’d recommend going to prom, but  wear a dress you feel comfortable in.

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Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x


11. Back off.

Hello to those people who have followed me through e-mail and who will have just got a notification of this post! Seriously, this is going to be a rant – just for those who like to spam my blog with stupid comments, seriously – what is the point? You need to move on with your life and find something better to do.

My blog is not for you for spam me through and it’s not meant to be used as a way of you trying to ruin something else for me – keep sending me the comments all you like because there is an instant block on them now so good luck trying to spam me some more. Your comments don’t upset me, annoy me or anger me – they just amuse me because i can see that you clearly have nothing better to do with your lives other than stalk my blog and waste your time writing pathetic comments that no one will see – not even me anymore.

Just to clarify – i have never said ‘I am the original’ or that i want to be, all i said is that i don’t like people copying my every move and the ‘Guide to getting multicolored hair’ is one thing – not every single thing. So i am not ‘pathetic’ or ‘hypocritical’ it’s just you making judgements about my life – but why make judgements about me when you’re not perfect yourself. There are many things i could judge you about – but i don’t try and contact you after we haven’t spoke in weeks just to voice my opinions – so why do you do it? Why can’t you just move on and find something better to do with your life.

Also, you say my blog is terrible – why read it then? Once again if you don’t like it, don’t read it – plain and simple. I don’t see how you find so much joy out of trying to ruin every single aspect of my life. I am happy being who i am, with the people i am friends with doing the things that i like to do – and my blog is one of them so i won’t let you take this from me so if you think your comments will make me delete my blog then you’re wrong.

So all in all, you’re silly to keep bothering me with you comments because they get reviewed before you send them and they wont even reach me anymore. You clearly have nothing better to do with your life other than ATTEMPT to ruin the last little thing that keeps me sane in this world. I think that you need to have a seriously look at yourself in the mirror before you carry on judging me because there is nothing that i would like more for you to realise how much of an idiot you’re being. Lastly, i am happy and how ever much you try and change that you wont – because i’ve learned to look past your stupidity and keep my head held high even on my lowest days.

Overall you have learned from this post:

  • Any e-mail followers have less chance of getting their comments seen by me.
  • Any comments that do get to me by any chance will be marked as spam immediately.
  • You need to grow up, move on and find something better to do with your time.

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Until the next time my pretties, a Scarlett with a weight lifted x


10: 5 Steps to Multicolored hair


So the time has come for you all to be treated with a ‘How To’ post – i am going to write about how i got my hair purple, pink and blue as you keep asking me.

Step 1: First, make sure you’re completely sure about dying your hair, especially if it is your first time dying it an unnatural colour. Next, I know hair dressers out there will tell me off for this, but before i even attempted to bleach my hair, i washed, dyed and, god forbid, straightened my hair. I did this because my hair is naturally curly, and without straightening my hair it would have been impossible for the dye to take. So if you have naturally curly hair like me this would be your best bet – but if you have naturally straightish hair, then skip the straightening because it’ll only damage your hair even further.

Step 2: If your hair isn’t blonde prior to the dying, you will need to bleach your hair – but be careful! If you have very fine hair i wouldn’t recommend dying your hair because it’ll end up going brittle and just snapping off basically. To bleach my hair i used ‘Garnier – Belle Color Blonde Pre-Lightener’:

$T2eC16d,!zUE9s38+qI3BRZRkbmtMQ~~60_35Having extremely thick hair, i had to use two packs and that only just covered it – so i recommend getting 2 or more packs if your hair is the same sort of length as mine. Follow the instructions on the packet for that bit – but basically you just make sure every where is completely covered and CHECK THE ROOTS! You don’t want to be walking around with random brown streaks all in your hair now do you!

Step 3: After washing out the bleach THOROUGHLY, dry and straighten your hair again to make it easier for the dye to take. If you’re just going one colour, then just go right ahead and apply all of the dye – again, if your hair is as thick as mine you will need a lot of boxes. For my hair, i used 3 Purple as the base, and 1 pink and 1 blue for random places in my hair. Before i dyed my hair, i decided where i wanted the different colours – pink on a section of the left side of my head, blue on a section of the right side of my head, pink and blue mixed around the tips and purple everywhere else.


I started by putting the two bits i wanted pink and blue in a bobble on top of my head, and then went around the whole of my head with the purple leaving space at the bottom for the pink and the blue. After that i moved on to the pink, filling in the spaces i wanted pink and then similarly i did the same with the blue. Then we wait…

Step 4: So when you’ve waited, you obviously wash, dry and style – so that you get the full picture when deciding whether you like it or not. When i first did mine i hated it, but i’m starting to warm to it now. The Live dyes often wash out in around 6-8 washes, so make sure you’re stocked up on ‘Batiste Dry Shampoo’ to keep your hair fresh so that you don’t have to wash your hair everyday and risk having to dye your hair every week. The days i don’t wash my hair tie a plastic bag over my hair because i don’t own a shower cap – but a safety warning – don’t be a goon and put the bag over your face, JUST YOUR HAIR!

Step 5: Enjoy the bitchy comments from the people who clearly aren’t as daring as yourself to dye their hair – if anyone comments (Like someone did to me) just turn around, say ‘Excuse Me’ and then say these exact words:

‘Make sure you’re perfect before you start to judge someone else, and if you are going to judge someone then make sure you’re far enough away so that they don’t hear you like i just did. You calling my hair isn’t going to change the colour of it, so by all means carry on because it’s your breath that it is wasting.’

Being me, i have actually said this to someone and they soon shut up and walked away – trust me it works if said in the right manor.

So, for all those out there wanting multicolored hair, this is the way that i do it and the way that i would recommend – but if you want to do it another way, do it by all means! I wish you every success with your hair dying adventure and show them bitches who’s boss.

Overall you have learned from this post:

  • 1, Wash, Dry, Straighten.
  • 2,Bleach
  • 3,Dye
  • 4,Stock up on dry shampoo
  • 5, Don’t stand for any bad comments.

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Until the next time my pretties, Mermaid Scarlett x


7. Why i don’t do drugs.

Having to write this early because i don’t know whether i’ll be able to write tomorrow or now – so you may be treated with another post tomorrow, but i’m not making any promises.

Words can’t explain my hatred for drugs, but i’ll have a go!


Since drugs first started taking over the majority of my old friends lives, i swore that i’d never bow down to peer pressure and try drugs and to that day i have stuck by that promise to myself. I’m proud of the fact that i don’t do drugs and proud of the fact that i never will – because drugs change people and i am perfectly happy being who i am. At present, most of my old friends have turned to weed – god knows why when most of them had brilliant lives before they started. I know that they’ll read this and say that i’m ‘slagging them off’ but i’m not! I’m just concerned for them because weed has many different effects:

Short term effects:

  • Problems with memory and learning, so not good in exam season.
  • Loss of coordination
  • Trouble with thinking and problem-solving.
  • Sometimes weed use can also produce anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic – which explains a lot.

Effects on the brain:

  • I read that many ‘cannabinoid receptors’ are badly effected by an ingredient in weed and are found in the parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement.

Effects on the heart:

  • Within a few minutes after smoking weed, apparently the heart begins beating more rapidly and the blood pressure drops. Weed can cause the heart beat to increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute, and can increase even more if other drugs are used at the same time.
  • Because of the lower blood pressure and higher heart rate researchers found that users’ risk for a heart attack is four times higher within the first hour after smoking weed, compared to their general risk of heart attack when not smoking.

Effects on the lungs:anti_drug

Smoking weed, even infrequently, can cause burning and stinging of the mouth and throat, and cause heavy coughing. Scientists have found that regular weed smokers can experience the same respiratory problems as tobacco smokers do – plus they’ll have the bad effects on the actual drug on top of that.


I know that people out there will have their reasons to why ‘the pro’s vastly outweigh the cons’ but in my eyes, anything illegal is clearly wrong and is clearly bad for you if the government (No matter how wrong it can be at times) has made it illegal. If you’d seen all of your friends change in the way i have you’d soon realise why i’m so against drugs – i’ve been told that my ‘high maintenance’ is the only reason i don’t do drugs and that’s why i’ve lost my ‘friends’ but i don’t do drugs because i have enough common sense to realise that it is wrong and isn’t going to make your life any better in the future. I hate the fact that i have lost my old friends to drugs, but i’ve never been happier because i’m no longer being dragged down by the wrath of weed. I’m happy, impressed and proud that i don’t do drugs and if you also don’t do drugs you should be proud too.


Overall you have learned from this post:

  • I hate drugs.
  • Drugs change people, most of the time for the worst.
  • I’m proud of the fact i don’t do drugs.

Feel free to comment, like, share and/or follow – or basically to tell me i’m wrong.

Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x



5. How i spend my Saturdays.

My Saturdays are mostly the same, so this post is quite easy for me.
I start off waking up around 10 after my parrot starts screaming, and then I’ll lie in bed for the next 15 minutes on my phone checking how many messages i have on facebook off various people about me not talking – as usual. I’ll then drag myself out of my cocoon and slunk to the shower where I’ll spend most of my time gazing up into the air thinking about absolute nonsense. After that I’ll spend about an hour transforming myself from monster to actual human being – and then I’m set for the day.
I usually then tittle tattle around my room because its not usually that untidy, but today it seems to be just a tad worse than usual – okay that’s an understatement, its a lot worse than usual. So instead of just a tittle tattle I’m going full out room rearranging – wish me luck!
After that it’ll either be revision, which is todays option, or going down to the marina to paint the boat with my dad, which is always fun because i hardly get to see my dad. My revision will most likely go on and off all day with a few chores in between, like going to the shop for my mum because shes too precious to go out in the rain.
If the rain stops later, I’ll most likely go for a walk somewhere, maybe take my camera – but until then physics is my best friend.
So now comes to the evening and after avoiding my laptop, xbox, phone and ipod for the whole day (apart from writing this) i will check them all, get bombarded with messages which will annoy me so I’ll turn them off again, so I’ll go for a bath, watch a film and revise again, and then finish off the day by lying in bed with my bearded dragon asleep on my neck and my cat asleep on my belly.
Overall you have learned from this post:
•I love my sleep, as i was up around 10.
•if you bombard me with messages, im less likely to reply.
•Revision is taking over my life.

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Until the next time my pretties, Scarlett x

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